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  • Brownfield Redevelopment and Reinvestment Strategy

  • Air Impact Assessment

  • Noise Impact Assessment & mitigation measures

  • Waste Management Assessment

  • Land Contamination Assessment

  • Glare Impact Assessment

  • Environmental Impact Assessment

  • Water quality impact assessment

  • Heritage Impact Assessment

  • Ecological Impact Assessment (& ecological surveys)

  • Acoustic Assessment

  • Noise barrier design

  • Fishery impact assessment

  • Landfill gas hazard assessment

  • Turf grass Management Plan

  • Tree preservation, transplantation and compensation plan

  • Landscape and Visual Mitigation Plan

  • Powered Mechanical Equipment Restriction Zones

  • Potential Hazardous Assessment

  • Odor impact assessment

  • Historical & archaeological impact assessment

  • Environmental monitoring and audit requirements

  • Human health impact assessment (particularly for radon)


  • Quantitative Risk Assessment (for LPG station, dangerous goods godown and chlorine storage)

  • Systematic risk management


  • Health & Safety Plan

If the service you are seeking for is not listed, please contact us for more information

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